Cyber solutions for the

fight against crime

Mobility of user

Based on IP data

Services & usage
(VoiP, messenger, social media)

Higher security standards
(Built-in encryption, reduced security flaws)

Mobility of user

Based on IP data

Services & usage
(VoiP, messenger, social media)

Higher security standards
(Built-in encryption, reduced security flaws)

These trends restrict traditional investigational methods & interception technologies, so much that the efficiency and results of cyber investigations are severely diminished.

Furthermore the threat patterns caused by terrorism and organized crime have developed to higher complexity and aggression due to the availability of technology and know-how transparency through the internet.

On the other side there are the trends in the surveillance and intelligence industry to counter such tendencies from target based investigation shifts from a strategic interception approach to a more tactical method; utilizing devices and environmental monitoring.

FinFisher provides a unique portfolio in the field of IT investigation, to address modern challenges with the utmost efficiency with leading offensive IT intrusion solutions:

Target Profiling

FinFisher™‘s Profiling Solution sets the basis for every investigation by creating a comprehensive target profile.

Data Crawling

FinFisher™‘s Crawler Solution for social networks like facebook, Twitter etc. goes beyond strong privacy settings.

Strategic WiFi Interception

FinFisher™ offers a wide-scale strategic WiFi Interception Solution that is device independent.

Remote Monitoring & Development Solutions

FinFisher™‘s Remote Monitoring Solution covers the latest PCs, smartphones, tablets and most common operating systems. Deployment Solutions include Over the Air, IMSI and Exploits.

Case Managment

FinFisher™‘s Case Management Solution is a comprehensive, future oriented support system for decision-making activities, generating customized reports.

IT Intrusion Training & Certification

FinFisher™‘s Training Academy offers certified customized trainings and qualified support, thus setting the basis for every succesful investigation.

Conceptually built in accordance to the intelligence cycle, all solutions are made to be either used as standalone elements to enhance existing capabilities or combined as an end-to-end IT intrusion & investigation concept. Please contact us for further information.

FinFisher is constantly updating its portfolio. the most efficient way of keeping up-to-date about the latest developments regarding our solutions, services, technology news and upcoming events, is through our newsletter.

Contact us to request a subscription to our internal Newsletters (for authenticated government end users only). The FinFisher events team is planning to be present at the following exhibitions in the near future:


is a dynamic client dedicated company that employs SOME of the best specialists world-wide in the field of research, development and offensive IT intrusion. While the Munich based developers constantly seek to use the latest technologies available for their products, the global sales team ensures that all innovations are driven by market demand or in some cases specific customer requirements.

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Top quality end-to-end solutions, developed for and introduced to clients by world-class specialists.

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Unique portfolio and expertise to build up effective cyber security departments.


Trustworthy and reliable partners that treat their customers with the utmost confidentiality.


More than ten years of experience in the field of innovative IT intrusion.

OUR values define the way we do business and how we treat our customers


All our activities comply with the respective laws and export regulations. International and domestic government bodies determine our day to day operations.


We do not sell mass interception technology; our products can only be used for targeted and lawful criminal investigation.


We provide tailor-made end-to-end solutions that focus on achieving operational results, supported by specialist training and professional after-sale services.


We sell our solutions exclusively to government law enforcement and intelligence agencies and value the high degree of trust in our customer relationships. To protect ongoing and future investigations, we do not disclose any customer details and keep public product information to a minimum exposure


To be the number one partner of law enforcement and intelligence agencies.


We develop and sell cutting-edge IT Investigation solutions that close the gap in traditional investigative methods and enable our customers to execute targeted investigations with the aim of identifying and convicting serious criminals.

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